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Bearded Collie Dog breed :Details of Bearded Collie Dog:Information:Video:Images:News Bearded Collie - semalt

The Bearded Collie originated in Britain and is one of the country's oldest breeds. The foundation of the breed was started in 1514 when a Polish sea captain made a trade with a local Scottish shepherd. He traded three of his Polish Sheepdog (Polski Owczarek Nizinny; PON) for a ram and a ewe. The shepherd then bred these dogs with other herding and flock dogs such as the Old English Sheepdogs (bobtails) and the Komondor. The dogs were used as herding dogs for centuries in Scotland and became known as the "Highland Collie," the "Highland Sheepdog" and the "Hairy Moved Collie." They were excellent workers, herding sheep and cattle for local shepherds. The name "Bearded" comes from the long hairs that grow on the chin, making the dog look like he has a beard, and the name "Collie," which is the Scottish word for herding dog. The Bearded Collie almost became extinct during the Second World War. In 1944 Mrs. G. O. Willison from Great Britain bred a pair of Bearded Collies, resurrecting the breed. In 1967 the first litter of Beardies was whelped in the USA. The breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1976. They are still to this day considered a rare breed. Some of the Beardie's talents are tracking, herding, agility, competitive obedience and performing tricks.The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized, strong working dog. The body is long and lean. The head is large, broad and flat with a moderate stop. The muzzle is relatively short, strong and full. The black nose is large and square. The medium-sized ears hang close to the head and are covered with long hair. The teeth are large and meet in a scissors bite. The eyes are wide set and are in tone with the coat color. The tail is carried low unless the dog is excited. They have a shaggy, waterproof, double coat that hangs over the entire body including the chin (hence the name "Beardie"). Beardie pups are born black, blue, brown or fawn, with or without white markings and often lighten, first fading to a light gray or cream as the dog matures. The coat color changes several times before it reaches the adult color. The final coat color is somewhere between the puppy coat color and the color the coat is when the dog is about a year old.The Bearded Collie is not recommended for apartment life. They are fairly active indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized yard. Beardies can sleep outdoors and make excellent farm dogs. They are also good in windy, rugged or wet areas since the dogs will go out in all weather conditions. It does not like to be confined and should have a place to run off of its lead. The Beardie prefers to be outdoors.This is an active dog that needs lots of exercise, which includes a long daily walk. This breed also will greatly enjoy time to run free in a safe area.Height: 20 - 22 inches (51 -- 56 cm)Weight: 40 - 60 pounds (18 - 27 kg)Life Expectancy is about 14-15 years. -

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ABC Canino - Collie Barbudo (Bearded Collie) - legendado português. - semalt

Vídeo produzido pelo Animal Planet para a série Dogs 101, legendado por mim, Bebelle10. -

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a video of the gorgoeus smooth collie :P song: Calvin Harris- I'm not alone -

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コメントなし -

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Breed profile: Bearded Collie -

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rough collie depaulara,criadero de collies de linea inglesa situado en valladolid -

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Collie Crew - semalt

Act 1 -

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howling collie - semalt


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arreglo collie - semalt

arreglo de orejas -

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Border Collie marron -

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I play happily with a border collie.http://exbc.blog.fc2.com/http://leo0608.blog123.fc2.com/ -

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Rough Collie - Mel atropelada -Collie pelo longo. - semalt

Kiron-Labrador- pula da varanda em cima da Mel-Rough Collie -

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LPS:Novi Collie😍 - semalt

Sorry na promuklom glasu -

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Border Collie - semalt

Border collie in car -

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Perros Collie - semalt

Mis Cachorros Pastor Collie -

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Schotse collie - semalt

Milan, nu 1 jaar -

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Angry collie - semalt


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Border Collie - semalt

Mescla de cores...lindos -

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NASH - Collie Collie Collie (Chill Spot Riddim) (CHIMNEY RECORDS - Bidada Records) APRIL 2012 - semalt

NASH - Collie Collie Collie (Chill Spot Riddim) (CHIMNEY RECORDS - Bidada Records) APRIL 2012FREE DOWNLOAD HERE ! !http://www.mediafire.com/?y52uaftsg4v... -

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Smiling Collie - semalt

She is sooooo happy because she is about to go for a walk in the woods with several other dogs. She smiles so hard it makes her sneeze! -

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Toelettatura collie - semalt

Rough collie grooming - Toelettatura del pastore scozzese a pelo lungo -

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Better Collie - semalt


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Angry Collie - semalt

Our border collie can play soccer like Angry Ram. -

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Border collie - semalt

To jest filmik gdzie moja ulubiona rasa psa Border collie goni owce do zagrody i przy tym daje śmieszne komentarze :) A z resztą sami musicie to zobaczyć :) -

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Rough Collie - semalt

I just finished brushing my collie. Now he wants a treat for being such a good boy : ) -

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American Collie - semalt

Vegas and Fellow's daily walk on 10 December 2015 -

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perros collie ♥♥♥♥ - semalt


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Collie Mann - semalt

"Collie Mann" is a fun party song off of Dameka Rochelle's upcoming EP titled "Mood Swings 2" or MS2 . Song produced by BluClown. -

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i miei collie (rough collie -pastore scozzese ) - semalt

Le foto dei miei amati collie e delle loro cucciolate 12 anni di foto .... -

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Collie Buddz - [Collie Buddz ] Come Around HQ - semalt

A just the sweet sweet sensi,Yuh know,Yeh I, Yeh I,Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Now,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade when me a look for,Me get it by the pound,yeah,Sweet sensi a come around,Me a take a little draw and pass it go round, so,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade that man a look for,Me stock it by the pound,yeah,When babylon a come around,Ask them whe them ago search for,Ever since the herbs slow down,Police and rude boy dem inna showdown,Them a search round the compound,Yuh kno man a no weed clown,Find a little piece of land and a plant me home grown, so,Tell the youth them nah fi take pill,To much crack and cocaine a make the world a feel ill,yuh kno,Nuff ganja nuff spliff a build,Only thing whe a make man feel chill,Whe (what) me say,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade when me a look for,Me get it by the pound,yeah,When Collie Bud come around,A pure ganja man tune,Just a lick from the sound,yeah,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade what man a look forMe stock it by the pound yeah,When babylon a come around,Ask them whe dem ago search for?There's nothing like the sweet sweet sensi,The first time me take a draw was in elementary,Reach high school an get the herb it plenty,Like Scare Dem dub for Soul Jah One or Lenky yeah,Me stash box never empty,The fifty dollar bag we call that half century,Me start me own herb documentary,Bermy man a call that film 4:20,yeahWhe me say,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade whe me a look for,Me get it by the pound,yeah,Sweet sensi a come around,Me a take a little draw and pass it go round, so,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade that man a look for,Me stock it by the pound, yeah,When babylon a come around,Ask them whe dem ago search for?Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Now,Yeh I, Yeh I,Nah, Nah, Now,yo,When dem ago realize,Good works man a advertize,When dem a go legalize,The farmer man a beg a little bligh,When den ago realize,Government them a terrorize,Corporation dem a capitalize,While the farmer man nuh beg a little bligh,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade when me a look for,Me get it by the pound,yeah,When Collie Bud come around,A pure ganja man tune,Just a lick from the sound,yeah,Finally the herbs come around,The high grade what man a look forMe stock it by the pound yeah,When babylon a come around,Ask them whe dem ago search for, -

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Cute Collie Puppies For sale. For more information go towww.LancasterPuppies.com -

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Collie Herding - semalt

Rough coated collies demonstrate varying levels of herding skills with both sheep and ducks. Filmed at Scarlet's Mill, Birdsboro PA on October 10, 2010.See Pharaoh's story here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLqtsS... -

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nome: NICOLLIEraça: Rough Colliesexo: fêmiacor: Martaidade: 6 mesesresponssável: GLEICE KELLY F. SANTOSlocalidade: Anchieta -Rio de janeiro/RJDESCRIÇÕES:Os collies são animais de origem pastoreira, o que os permite ter melhor inteligência e percepção. São dotados de personalidade dócil, passiva e são amante de todas as crianças.Sua higiene pessoal é simples, pois necessita apenas de um bom banho com talco canino em seu pelo levemente umidecido por borrifadas d'água, junto com a escovação semanal e de uma caprixada duxa uma vez por mês .Surpreendentemente os collies não tem odor mal cheiroso em sua pele, aguele comum e orrível fedor de cachorro sujo,é de sua origem não feder.Em fim, são ótimos e divertidos companheiros.Espero que encontre seu pet adequado e se divirta como eu e minha cachorra Nicollie (hough collie).Att. Gleice Kelly F. Santosdata: 21/05/2011 -

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Bearded collie - semalt

Bearded collie - världens underbaraste hundras. En liten teaser för dig som funderar på vad bearded collie är för en ras och om det är något för dig. För mer information kontakta Specialklubben för bearded collie: www.sbc-beardedcollie.com You can find the film with English subtitles at: http://youtu.be/UTMUAg9Pt5c -

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Zack Collie - semalt

no music This video is for the Collie Family the original footage -

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Ninhada linda 04 machos e 02 fêmeas. -

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Panu lk collie - semalt


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Let Me Know - Collie Buddz [Collie Buddz] - semalt

SUBSCRIBE!!......CRATE DIGGING with JeNewby aka SpottieottieJ Bringing you the best of an Era...Classics and more... -

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pitbull/collie mix - semalt

Rebel 12 weeks to 1 year enjoy -

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Border Collie frisbee - semalt

Pokazy na wystawie międzynarodowej we Wrocławiu-2006 rok Last -

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Border collie - semalt


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Collie Man - semalt

Provided to YouTube by Warner Music GroupCollie Man · Slightly StoopidEverything You Need℗ 2003 Surfdog RecordsWriter: Kyle McDonaldWriter: Miles DoughtyAuto-generated by YouTube. -

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Collie rough - szczenięta owczarek szkocki długowłosy, puppy collie - semalt

Kennel Grenwood FCI http://www.grenwood.pl -

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border collie κουτάβι - semalt

www.boss.com.gr -

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Collie 67!!! - semalt


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Collie langhaar - semalt

Eine Hitze -

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Collie Film - semalt


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Agility Collie Cup 2012 agility individuals collie smooth - semalt

Agility závody Babí Léto - Česká Lípa 2.9.20123.ACC Agility Collie CupKrátkosrstá kolie - agility jednotlivců Gas, Lilian, Rocky, Odie, Maggie, Elfík, Skip, Vigo -

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Collie - 90909 - semalt

Collie - 90909 on Bandcamp:https://stoopmusic.bandcamp.com/track...Find Collie on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/colm-collie-mc...Stoop Music:https://soundcloud.com/stoopmusicdublinhttps://stoopmusic.bandcamp.com/ -

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collie tricks - semalt

summer doing a few tricks for a piece of cheese. -

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Border Collie - semalt

Simple hand-drawn animated loop of a border collie puffing out sheep. -

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Collie Intro - semalt

Song: FinesseArtist: Bruno Mars -

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Cool Collie - semalt

Provided to YouTube by KudosRecordsCool Collie · Hopeton LewisMerritone Rock Steady 3: Bang Bang Rock Steady 1966-1968℗ Dub Store RecordsReleased on: 2017-11-10Main Artist: Hopeton LewisComposer: Lewis HopetonComposer: Lincoln SinclairMusic Publisher: Ess MusicAuto-generated by YouTube. -

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Border Collie - semalt


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Melon Collie - semalt


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Lps: Speedpaint Collie - semalt

Like,Comment,and Subscribe!!i do not own music -

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Crazy Rough Collie - semalt

9 month old Rough Collie puppy, Ramsey, going crazy. -

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Border Collie Antics - semalt

'Ladybug' loves chasing water -

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Border Collie Crooning - semalt

Border collie named Scout is whining while I'm playing with her. -

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Border Collie Ovelhas - semalt

Border Collie Skip, cão pastor do Margem Cordeiro Nobre, Rio Verde Goiás, Skip é do Rafael Jorge. -

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Border collie - semalt

Border collieAcesse o nosso portal gratuitamente:http://adestrandomeucao.com/E-book gratuito:http://aartedoadestramento.com/ebook-...E-book gratuito:http://aartedoadestramento.com/racao/Curso: Aprenda como ensinar o seu cão a fazer xixi e cocô no lugar certo:http://aartedoadestramento.com/curso/Blog: http://aartedoadestramento.com/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/www.aartedoa...Whatsapp:55 (11) 99927-7664Maia minha border collie treinando. É importante motivar um cão durante o adestramento. Isso traz confiança e afeto. Os resultados são incríveis. Assista o nosso curso de adestramento de cães grátis! -

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Talking collie - semalt

Chico barking at me.He's a rough collie, two years old. -

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Best collie rough in Agility Collie Cup ;) - semalt

Collie rough Hopsinka Jumping Special, clean run, 1st place Brno 2017, judge Jiřina Máčková -

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Rough Collie Breed - semalt

The rough collie (also known as the 'long-haired collie') is a long coated breed of medium- to large-sized dog that, in its original form, was a type of collie used and bred for herding in Scotland. Subscribe for more high quality content about your favorite animals! http://bit.ly/AllAboutAnimalsYouTubeOriginating in the 1800s, it is now well known through the works of author Albert Payson Terhune, and through the Lassie novel, movies, and television shows. There is also a smooth-coated variety; some breed organizations, including both the American and the Canadian Kennel Clubs, consider the smooth-coat and rough-coat dogs to be variations of the same breed. Rough Collies generally come in shades of sable, merles, and tri-coloured. This breed is very similar to the smaller Shetland Sheepdog which is partly descended from the Rough Collie. -

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SR Sessions: Collie - semalt

------Collie McKenna is one of Dublins finest young DJ/Producers, He has been in the game many years and he loves digging for vinyl, he has been spinning records since the age of 14, he played on Dublin radio station Phever for two years with his father on their weekly show "The Beat Division". Collie has a residancy with Dublin collective Illicit and has supported acts like Sweely & Darren EmersonThis is a full Vinyl mix I hope yous enjoy :)Photo : @wrddarchiveArtwork : @pegzyy -

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Border Collie Meaning - semalt

Video shows what Border Collie means. A herding dog bred near the border between England and Scotland which is widely regarded as the most intelligent breed of dog.. Border Collie Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say Border Collie. Powered by MaryTTS, Wiktionary -

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Lps Collie #1262 and Collie #67 Package Opening - semalt

Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy the video The seller where I got collie 1262 was called Sun asia toys The seller where I got collie 67 was called littlestpetshop0 -

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Schotse Collie tricolor - semalt

Schotse Collie tricolor -

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Collie Dogs | Collcetion Of Dog Breed Collie Pictures - semalt

Collie dog breed information, pictures, characteristics & facts collie information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of collies and dog breed mixes here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet. Hope this information will helpful to get idea in brief about this. The collie is a distinctive type of herding dog, including many related landraces and formal breeds. The breed originated in scotland and northern england the collie dog breed has many unique features. Check out the collie dog breed on animal planet's breed selector below information will help you to get some more though about the subject the collie is a lithe, strong, responsive, active dog, carrying no useless timber, standing naturally straight and firm. The deep, moderately wide chest shows the collie is a large, lean, strong dog. The top of the skull is flat and the eyebrows are arched. The head is wedge shaped and the muzzle is rounded, tapering collies are one of the best family dogs possible they are devoted to the entire family, eager to please, housetrain easily, and need less grooming than you'd anyway if you want for more info, you would better continue finding The collie as a family dog the collie has a longstanding reputation as one of the most beautiful of dog breeds. Though many people have a mental learn everything about collie dogs. Find all collie dog breed information, pictures of colliedogs, training, photos and care tips a must read on collies information, pictures, temperment, personality, training at the dog park or during doggie playtime, you find your collie being more rough and smooth collies the most honest dog breed review you'll ever find about scottish collie temperament, personality, and behavior view profiles and information about dog breeds from the sporting, hound, working, the border collie is a breed that desires to please yet develop visit nylabone's dog section for photos and information on collie dogd tan and white, medium coated, male, year old. Finlay is an absolute joy to have about, he so loves life, people and dogs which is why we cannot understand are you interested in rehoming a dog or puppy? visit scottish spca rehoming area online where we have a number of breeds looking for homes border collie dogs breed profile and information at petshomes uk. Find and advertise border collie dogs for sale, border collie dogs for sale and dog the border collie came top of the study which ranked each breed on cost, border collie named top dog after breeds ranked on cost, Most Discuss Collie dog breed information, pictures, characteristics & facts. More interesting heading about this are collie wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Collie dog breed selector animal planet. Below topics also shows some interset as well collie american kennel club. Collie dog breed information center. Collie dog breed information vetstreet. Hope you will get rough idea as well collie. Dogs. Animal planet. Collie club of america collie as a family dog. Collie dogs. Collie dog breed info & pictures. Petmd. Collie information, pictures of collies. Dogster. Rough and smooth collies what's good and bad about collies. The westminster kennel club. Breed information border collie. Dog. Dog breeds. Collie nylabone. Dogs needing homes. The border collie spot. Border collie dog rehoming sspca. Rehoming scottish spca. Border collie. Dog breed information profile at petshomes. Is the collie really top dog? canine comparison survey rates each Most Discuss Collie Dogs. Collcetion of dog breed Collie pictures -

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Rough Collie - semalt

コメントなし -

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What A Feeling - Collie Buddz [Collie Buddz] - semalt

SUBSCRIBE!!......CRATE DIGGING with JeNewby aka SpottieottieJ Bringing you the best of an Era...Classics and more... -

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Border Collie disc dog - Border Collie disk dogs - semalt

http://www.pedigreedpups.com The Border Collie is a member of the AKC Herding Dog Group. Did you know they are also top notch Frisbee disc dogs? Watch a few Border Collies play frisbee. Want to join our newsletter to learn more - visit: http://www.pedigreedpups.com/Dog-News... -

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border collie & snow - semalt


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Good Good Collie - semalt


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Border collie, filhotes. - semalt

Duas ninhada 18 filhotes criados com muito amor! -

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Dillinger - Jamaican Collie - semalt

Take me to Jamaica where the collie come from -

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SUPER COLLIE! - semalt

Kody collie goes skydiving at Skydive Arizona in Eloy , AZ -

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Collie Herb - semalt


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Dogs 101 Collie - semalt

Collies were made popular in the United States by "Lassie" and other celebrity pets. See what makes them such wonderful companions! -

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ROUGH COLLIE 101 - semalt

Best Rough Collie Traning Book: https://amzn.to/2GiXizrRough Collie Hand Made Key Chain: https://amzn.to/2J1KQpHVideo shot with Canon t6i 18-135mm lens: https://amzn.to/2utugvAThis is The Slow Song from Netflix's 13 Reasons Why (Lord Huron - The Night We Met) That "Tony" played played during the school dance formal. I think Tony is a ghost. Car Ride with Nellie Rough Collie.Video shot with Canon t6i 18-135mm lens : http://amzn.to/2u5t8huAlong with a great personality, Collies are also extremely good-looking which makes the breed quite popular.There are a number of different types of Collies including Smooth Collies, Rough Collies, Bearded Collies, Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs (originally known as the Shetland Collie).An interesting fact about Collies is that they originated in Scotland approximately three hundred and fifty years ago. Back then they were mostly used for herding animals. Today they are still used by some farmers for herding as well as being beloved household pets.We know that Collies make great herding dogs. However, along with this they are also sometimes used as tracking and search and rescue dogs.A great fact about Collies is that they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. This makes them a lot easier to train.Collies love attention from their owners and love being around people. Therefore, before you add a Collie to your family, you firstly need to make sure you will have enough time to spend with them.Another great fact about Collies is that they have plenty of energy! Therefore, they need to be exercised daily. Also, because of this boundless energy Collies don’t do well living in apartments. They a really need a home with a big backyard so they can run around.One of the fun facts about Collies is that because of their boundless energy, they do really well in agility competitions.Collies love to keep busy and like to always know what’s going on around them. This can be helpful as your Collie may alert you when someone is at your house.Another one of the facts about Collies is that they like to be kept busy. So again, if you are contemplating getting a Collie, you need to firstly make sure that you will have lots of time to spend playing with them.Collies will usually live around twelve to fourteen years.All breeds of dogs have their own particular health problems. With Collies they are more prone to skin, eye and deafness health problems. But with regular vet appointments, you should be able to keep on top of your Collies health.Most people have probably heard of ‘Lassie”- the famous Collie from the famous movie ‘Lassie”. This movie greatly increased the popularity of the breed.As you can see from the above facts about Collies, they make wonderful pets. They are a loving, good-looking, energetic and highly intelligent breed of dog. However, as previously mentioned, they do crave and need a lot of attention. So if you’re thinking about adding a Collie to your family then you definitely need to make sure you will have the time and energy to look after them. If you feel you can, then a Collie will make an amazing addition to your family. -

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Rough collie puppies - semalt


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Winter-collie 2016! ⛄❄ - semalt

Watch in HD!Today passed 18 months since when we're together! Molly also has 20 months! More surprises me, I know that she's still capable of many things, why still believe in her! :)Molly - border collie (fb.com/bernenskiebordery)follow us - zyciezmoimpsem.blogspot.com____________________________________________________________________________________________________Made using with:- GOPR0 Hero- Nikon D3100 (+nikkor 50mm)Musik: Matt Simons - Catch & Release (I don't own this song!) -

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NANA : Border Collie - semalt

Splash Dogs dock jumping . -

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Border Collie puppies - semalt


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Excellent Border Collie - semalt

Excellent Border Collie -

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Collie Speedway WA.AVI - semalt

Hot day 38 in the shade.the track CHUNKY. -

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Border Collie Sheepdog - semalt

Border Collie Sheepdog - Very BeautifulShep - RIP 28/05/2007 You will never be forgotten and will always remain in are hearts. -

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