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Wee-wee doll - semalt



Eminem -Wee Wee - semalt

fgh -

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Wee-Wee 7 - semalt

Hearts 7 ラストライブ -

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WEE WEE HEAD - semalt


Seo service The Basin

horse wee wee - semalt

I had no idea horses did that when they went potty. Now I know. -

Seo Telarah

Wee wee kids - semalt

Kids slapping each other -

Seo Gleneagle

My Wee Wee - semalt

Please Subscribe to get more cool, funny videos from us http://youtube.com/poncemanVisit us at http://facebook.com/theponcemanPonce likes playing with his wee wee. NO, not THAT wee wee. Our little shout out to Chuck Berry's My dingaling.LIKE, SHARE, and if you haven't done it yet, please, SUBSCRIBE.ABOUT THE PERRY BROTHERS, SAP & PONCE:Josh "the Ponceman Perry" is the star of Retarded Policeman and acts in TV and film. He's dead sexy and wants everyone to know he loves acting and making people laugh.Scott Allen Perry "SAP" is a writer/director/actor who can be seen in TV and film and is also a musician. He wants everyone to know that he loves to boogie and cook.FOR MORE ABOUT SAP & PONCE GO HERE:http://ponceman.com/Ponceman/About.htmlTo see full episodes of Retarded Policeman go here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE.T-SHIRTS & MORE: http://abnormalcomedy.comPEEP OUR WEBSITE: http://ponceman.com/FACEBOOK US: http://www.facebook.com/ThePoncemanDIG OUR BLOG: http://theperryboys.wordpress.com/TWITTER PONCE: http://www.twitter.com/poncemanTWITTER SAP: http://www.twitter.com/thesap -

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Might have a wee wee/ wee wee kid - semalt

via YouTube i -

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Wee wee time - semalt

Me and Kevin taking a piss in the bathroom the teachers bathroom we are not gay we just know how to have fun -

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Wee Wee Hours - semalt

Steve Sorfina's rendition of Chuck Berry's, Wee Wee Hours at the Red Fish Blue Fish in St Charles, MO on May, 19th 2017. -

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Eminem - Wee wee - semalt

(Chorus)Put it on my wee wee, banana strawberry, pineapple, orange x4Got a dick as big as a banana,Try to control it but i guess I can't,It too tough like a AK clip banana,You better watch out Hannah Montanna,Man what's the matter, have you no manners?,No, you know the girl from Juno's address?Yeah, I'mma probably go to jail for that,Now I got the cops on my tail for that,Ride up in car with a stale banana,In your tail pipe, can't believe you fell for that,It coulda been a Molotov cocktail for that,Wait a minute man, what the hell was that?I heard a noise, where you going? What are you bananas?,You can't go back there stupid ass,I've just seen a woman in a Freddy Krueger mask,Who the fuck are you, superman?All you have is a little stupid can of whipped cream,What the hell you gonna do with that?,I'mma put it on my wee wee,Ooh could answer, a super bananza-extravaganza,Man go ahead what you waitin for?You better get them clothes off baby boy,C'mon lets go we're gonna make a porn,Ready set go, hit play, record!(Chorus)Are you ready? You better hold the camera steady,She's probably back there with a damn machete,She's probably gonna eat you like canned spaghetti,She's probably gonna kill ya, still wanna check, see?Have a little quick look,She's probably six foot tall like big foot,The hell with that, we should probably run,Don't dare look back,[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/wee-wee-ly... ]There probably probably probably there probably was a problem at the post office or something,But you probably diddn't know that did ya?Now what you gonna do when she gets ya?I ain't going with ya, forget ya,Quit tryna hold my hand mister!Prentend she's your little sister, little sister,Prony little dickta(?),Might aswell take a whipped cream with ya,And when you see her make sure you get a picture,We could try to make another Blair Wich ya, movie,Of bestiality porno with smoothies,(Chorus)Its eerie, but here comes Zac and Meery,Beauty and the best, his back is hairy,But she don't care they're attracted very,Very sexually active very,No Zac don't go back in there!Its too late now she's grabbing hair,He screams "bloody mary", grabs a mirror,But stop just aint in her vocabulary,Get off me please,Get off me stop,Brawl in the back of the coffee shop,They go non stop, she says go,He says no, she says oh,Back and forth they scream and shout,Yeah boy let them demons out,Its the kinda nightmare you dream about,Uh-oh now the whipped cream is out,I get sick thoughts, sick sick thoughts,Of things you could do with your lipstick gloss,Put it on my dick till the tip looks orange,Bitch keep going, bitch keep going!(Chorus)Banana, banana, banana, banana, banana, banana -

Seo Maria Soares

New Waa Waa Song - semalt

hope you subscribe and enjoy the song and ask for a new song. -

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20140225 Wee-Wee - semalt

2014.2.25 (Tue)『Vネックののさきっちょ』@渋谷RICKHP:http://shibuya-rick.com/Player:Wee-Wee (Male 6)HP:https://twitter.com/baby_weeweeThis band has been a member a cappella circle of Ritsumeikan University, in "Song-genics".HP:http://sound.jp/song-genics/Song fromSound Check / Boyz Nite Out [0:00]The Message / Nate James [1:25]Peace,Love and Understanding / The House Jacks [6:05]Dirt / The House Jacks [11:25]Pop / 'Nsync [17:20] -

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Oskee Wee Wee - semalt

This documentary is a zany portrait of the particular fever that hits the city of Ottawa, Ontario, during Grey Cup finals. The film is as much about the football game, where the Hamilton Tiger Cats face the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as it is about Ti-Cats fans and their infamous "Oskee Wee Wee", the magic chant with which they exhort their team to victory.Directed by William Pettigrew - 1968 -

Seo Itaipava

wee wee monkey sounds - semalt

my friend girl friend laughs like a monkey hahahaaa -

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Wee Wee Baby - semalt


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me every time i see kurapik -

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waa wadani waa wadani - semalt


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SpongeBob vine -

Seo Jardim Centenário

Pop / Wee-Wee - semalt

2013年立命館大学学園祭 BKC祭典セントラルステージ -

Seo service Sítio Fundão

Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home - semalt

Xander reads some Poems... Checked the PO Box for some more stuff from our wonderful viewers! Previous(#1890) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5EZR...***** If you are reading this... See More Below!*****Tweet Us: @ErikTV365 & @MomOfTheZillasFacebook Us: /ErikTV365MERCHANDISE = http://ErikTV365.SpreadShirt.comLast Year's video - 2 Year's ago video - 3 Year's ago video - 4 Year's ago video - Help us get to 10k Subscribers! Use the hashtag #GetErikTV365To10k and tag either @momOfTheZillas or @ErikTV365 in it and we will love you forever! :)*************************************SHOUTOUT Info:All submissions will eventually make the vlog as long as they meet our channel theme (FAMILY FRIENDLY)! This is our way of giving back to our community. Please do not include any Music in the background or other copyrighted materials (If you do, I will not be able to use it in our videos).Intro Example:Welcome to ErikTV365, My name is...., My channel is... AND I watch because...Outro Example:If you enjoyed today’s vlog AS USUAL, please Like, Comment and Subscribe! Be sure to check out my channel at...Send a link to my twitter at @ErikTV365 so that I can download a copy!************************************* Enjoy! Be sure to SHARE this video on ALL of your Social Networks! Our goal for 2015 is to make YouTube feel more like a community again. If you enjoy this video, please give it a Thumbs Up and leave a Comment behind. Wanna learn more about us? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vi3OH...We're TEXAS based YouTube Partners out of Houston! We put out new videos every day! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so that you are always notified when we put out a new video! Also, be sure to follow us and interact with us through the links listed down below!My goal is TO BE THE BEST Father/Dad and husband I can be for my family. I need your help to make this YouTube dream come true. Spread the word and tweet/share/email our videos around to your friends and family so we can accomplish this goal of making YouTube a career.Be sure to Subscribe to us (Reasons to subscribe 1: Cute Kids 2: Survived Cancer 3: Committed to vlogging forever; just to name a few) and leave me lots of feedback/comments so that we can get better and better each and every day WE vlog. Certifique-se Inscrever-se para nós (Razões para subscrever 1: Cute Kids 2: sobreviveu a um câncer 3: Compromisso com a vlogging para sempre, apenas para citar alguns) e deixar-me muito feedback / comentários para que possamos ficar melhor e melhor a cada dia WE vlog. http://www.eriktv365.comCONTACT *******************BusinessErikTV365 'at' gmail 'dot' com Wanna send us cool stuff? ErikTV365330 Rayford RoadSuite 281Spring, TX 77386***********Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Sound Effects by http://audiomicro.com/sound-effectsRoyalty free music by Destery Smith from http://sovndwave.com/a/7fb626Royalty free music by RyanKidWunder from http://sovndwave.com/a/50e838Royalty free music by Josh A from http://sovndwave.com/a/c11ae8Royalty free music by Tobipreusser from http://sovndwave.com/a/6bf63bALSO Tracks info: Kevin Macleod - incompetech.com *********** -

Seo Vila Ibirapitanga

Shake Your Wee Wee - semalt

Credit for the audio and visuals goes to their respective artists .. This is freeware composition intended for non-profit entertainment & sharing(I do not own, claim ownership, or even think about ownership of anything) -

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Wee Wee Gros [Remix] (Wee Wee Love - Elams) - Joris Enfin Bref - semalt

Compositeur : Mike BtzRéalisé par : Joris Enfin Bref #ZONE106Retrouve-moi sur :Snapchat : JorisOFFFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Joris-Enfin-...Twitter: https://twitter.com/jorisenfinbrefInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/jorisenfinb... -

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Wee Water Babies Wee Mermaid, Wee Fox, Wee Sundae, Wee Froggy, Wee Flower, Wee Splash from Just Play - semalt

They are too cute and adorable and feel so real. Wee Water Babies dolls are soft and cuddly. These themed dolls include a mermaid baby, a froggy baby, and even an ice cream sundae themed baby doll.For full review and shopping info► https://ttpm.com/p/26342/just-play/we...Product Info: Wee Water Babies dolls are soft and cuddly. Plus, each baby comes filled with water in their bellies for a real feel. These themed dolls include a mermaid baby, a froggy baby, and even an ice cream sundae themed baby doll.✮SEE MORE TOYS✮ARTSPLASH 3D LIQUID ART:https://ttpm.com/p/23570/mattel/artsp...DC SUPER HERO GIRLS FROST:https://ttpm.com/p/23551/mattel/dc-su...MARVEL SPIDER-MAN SWING AND SLING SPIDEY: https://ttpm.com/p/23125/just-play/ma...✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM Toy Reviews✮https://www.youtube.com/c/ttpm✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM Baby Gear Reviews✮https://www.youtube.com/c/ttpmbaby✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM Pet Toys & Gear Reviews✮https://www.youtube.com/c/ttpmpets✮SUBSCRIBE TTPM First Look Toys Unboxing✮https://www.youtube.com/c/ttpmfirstlo...✮FOLLOW US✮Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTPMOfficialTwitter: https://twitter.com/ttpmInstagram: https://instagram.com/ttpmofficial/Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ttpmofficial/Snapchat: TTPMOfficial: https://www.snapchat.com/add/ttpmoffi...✮FOLLOW TTPM Baby✮Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTPMBaby/Twitter: https://twitter.com/TTPMbabyInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ttpmbaby/✮FOLLOW TTPM Pets✮Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTPMPetsTwitter: https://twitter.com/TTPMPetsInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ttpmpets/Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ttpmpets/Disclosure: Toys reviewed by TTPM are selected by the TTPM editorial team from submissions from manufacturers who provide the samples for review consideration. The views and opinions presented represent those of TTPM and the reviewers. We do not accept any compensation for our reviews, and we do not review all products submitted. To submit a product for review consideration, contact us at product-reviews@ttpm.com. -

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Wee Wee Hours - semalt


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Baby Wee Wee! - semalt

LOL :D -

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Hu Waa Waa | Sound Effect - semalt


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Wee Wee Sherman (Pee Wee Herman parody) - semalt

Pee Wee Herman parody by me, John Birmingham, in my original music video for the original song by my band Animals From Outerspace. BEHOLD!!!: "Wee Wee Sherman." My newest and third comedy, musical feature film Rednecks is out on Blu-ray April 10, 2018! Rednecks is rated R for lewd and crude comedy like most slapstick comedy, major motion pictures of today! You can pre-order it on Amazon now or see more about the movie at this link! https://www.amazon.com/Rednecks-Blu-r...This video features me as Wee Wee Sherman, bandmate David Frost, the mother to my children Danica DeCosto, my two kids Rowan and Ivan Birmingham, Matthew Shively, Kitty Clark and was co-produced by my little sister Tayza Birmingham.Click here for the Behind The Scenes video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpM03...Here is another video I filmed with Wee Wee Sherman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwDZZ...Wee Wee Sherman in court: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkpEL...Wee Wee Sherman meets Ms. Danica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o5f5... -

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Wee Wee Baby - semalt

Feb 21, 2009 - Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan. -

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the wee wee song - semalt

think this was an old boy scout song slightly embelished of course i was in the boy scoutsanyone remember bob a job week that would now be considered begging in pc britain -

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poo poo wee wee - semalt

poo wee -

Seo McKee

Need a wee wee? - semalt


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Dirt / Wee-Wee - semalt

のちのち♂主催ライブ~We are NochiNochi!!~@表参道GROUND2013.08.04 -

Seo Wallau

Vrv - Waa Waa ( La courneuve ) - semalt

Vrai reconaisse vrai collectif issue de la courneuve avec Lokee , Brax , 2larue , Fwaka Kii et Apo shot by rafkovitch realiser par rafkovitch -

Promotion Volkwardingen

Taste - Wee Wee Baby - semalt

Taste - Wee Wee Baby -

Seo company Unten zum Holz

megan goes wee wee - semalt

megan has to go even tho it is the most disgusting loo in the world !!! oh and she doesnt wash her hands coz the sink is full of mat's puke !!! -

Seo service Spattweg

Shaking my wee wee - semalt

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. -

Marketing Schneckenhof

Weepy The Wee-Wee - semalt

Here's a Vintage "Weepy the Wee-Wee" toy.I bought this toy from an antique shop in South Africa. The lady who sold it to me told me it was an original from the 1940s. I'm not so sure, but it does look much older and better-painted than the modern Weepy reproductions.There's a base on the figure that you fill with water. Just pull down his pants and he pees right at you.It looks like his stream has gotten weaker over the years. -

Seo service Prößdorf

Wee Wee Sherman - semalt

Wee Wee Sherman goes out on the town. -

Seo company Pöltschen

Wee Wee Hours - semalt


Seo Oberprechtal

Eminem - Wee Wee (Lyrics) - semalt

No copyright intended. Sorry for the mistakes. -

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wee woo wee woo - semalt

My friend Jasmine is a big kpop fan and just gives me joke fuelsong is wee woo by pristin but i could be wrong on thatall rights reserved -

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Angry Kid Wee Wee - semalt

via YouTube Capture -

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INSIDE - Wee Wee Wee - Achievement Walkthrough Guide - semalt

Hope you enjoyed this video.► Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!Don't forget to turn on Notifications to receive all community messages.► Earn FREE Giftcards with your iOS & Android Device.Visit http://abo.io/ktv and use our KTV invite code for free credits.► Get up to 70% off with our link on the fastest and cheapest VPN service.http://purevpn.kloakatv.comFind me also on:►Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kloakatv►Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/koekenbergNo more using Twitter more active on the community tab so make sure to enable notifications.► Want to donate to support our videos or vlog ?http://www.paypal.me/kloakatv (Thanks!) ► Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!Don't forget to turn on Notifications to receive all community messages.► Cool Merch: https://represent.com/kloakatv► Earn FREE Giftcards with your iOS & Android Device.Visit http://abo.io/ktv and use our KTV invite code for free credits.► Get up to 70% off with this link on the fastest and cheapest VPN service.http://purevpn.kloakatv.comFind me also on:►Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kloakatv►Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/koekenbergNo more using Twitter more active on the community tab so make sure to enable notifications.► Want to donate to support my videos ?http://www.paypal.me/kloakatv (Thanks!) -

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Baby Wee Wee advert - semalt

The now infamous, Baby Wee Wee advert. The baby with a penis that pisses in his Dad's face. -

Seo Hörkamp-Langenbruch

waa - semalt

waa -

Marketing Hinternah

WAA - semalt


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Drypers Wee Wee Dry - semalt


Promotion Clues

wee wee pig racing - semalt

wee wee pig are soo cool !!!!!!!!!!! -

Seo Villota del Duque

KAJa!2013 Wee-Wee - semalt

KAJa!2013 「Chance×Chance」 2013/5/18 @総本山 四天王寺 西大門広場特設会場 -

Promotion Sarnago

mario wee wee 1 - semalt

Mario Wee Wee -

Seo Santa Eufemia del Arroyo

wee wee pants! - YouTube - semalt

The tragic tale of a girl and her wee wee pants -

Promotion Samalús

wee - semalt

wee -

Marketing Montgrony

Wee wee wee all the way home - semalt

Does the little piggy really go "wee wee wee" all the way home? -

Seo Huerta

Johnny Moped - Wee Wee - semalt

A track from the 1978 album Cycledelic by one of the most underrated bands of that time. -

Seo service Getxo

WEE - semalt


Seo Garrapinillos

Musical.ly - The Waa Waa Song - semalt


Promotion Galleguillos de Campos

laiB 屙wee wee - semalt


Seo service Tracy-sur-Mer

Maseereey 👉💃waa adiga waa aniga kkkkkk waa👇anaga - YouTube - semalt

Asalaamu caleeykum dhamaan asaxaabta qaaligaa insha Allah kusoodhawaada channel ka iyo barnaamijkii bulshada ogaashada guurka 💏🏡iyo hadoow xaalka adkaado illaaheey waxaan innoo ga baryaayaa calaf qeeyr qabo oo noo nagaado aamiin yaarabi dhamaan asaxaabta qaaligaa waa idin sallaamay dhamaantiin meelwalbe oo aad aduunka ka joogtiin 🤝👍 -

Promotion Songeons

Wario Wars: Waa Waa WAAAAA - semalt

Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1Kalos Pokémon League (Ω Form)Wario, King DededeSurprise! I do play other characters. I decided to focus more on my possible secondary for today, The Legendary Warhead. Had a pretty fun match against a DeDeDe player with an unfortanete end for the big Penguin -

Seo Soeurdres

Patins wee wee ;D - semalt

olhem o rego da Kammy huahauhauhua -

Seo Saint-Pierre-des-Échaubrognes

Goobtu Waa Taleex gobolkuna waa xaysimo Xisbiguna waa kulmiye dadkuna waa Somailand - semalt

cabdi satar sabri -

Marketing Saint-Nicolas-de-Bliquetuit

Drypers wee wee dry - semalt

Sittisiri MongkolsiriDrypers_wee wee dry -

Seo service Otterswiller

Wee wee wee all the way home! - semalt

little boy going wee wee wee all the way back home. With a little slug bug game on the side! -

Marketing Le Sourn

Wee Wee - Angry Kid - semalt

Its really hard to wee when someone is looking – or is that just me?Subscribes: http://goo.gl/f2er8uMy Facebook: https://goo.gl/B64BXeMy Twit: https://goo.gl/9IBWVWhttp://www.angrykid.com -

Seo service Le Plessis-Grammoire

H Wee Wee Boy - semalt

Duinrell Holland 2012 -

Seo service La Rue de Pré

Wee Wee Birthday Message - semalt

This is my sister, Trina. And this is a saved birthday voicemail from a couple of years ago. I recently found it and listened to it over and over on my birthday, which was just three weeks after she passed away from Metastatic Breast Cancer. She is "my person". And she always will be. Love you Wee! -

Seo service La Provotais


waa tanoo dadkaayagii waa bisqaadoo , waatanaa dhulkaayagii waa sanaagay. -

Seo service La Pidorière

Wee wee in Your Pants?! - semalt


Marketing La Courtine

The Wee Wee Kids - semalt

6th grade camp -

Seo Grand Island

Wee wee potty mummy - semalt

Daddy have wee in sons potty at 1:00 am -

Promotion Fronholz

Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee - semalt


Seo company Eybouleuf

WEE KIM WEE 2015 - semalt


Seo Épône

Alice goes wee wee - semalt

a video of Alice going to the wee wee!!! -

Seo company Doumérac

Sound/Som: Hu Waa Waa - semalt

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SonseToquesG5https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC57F... -

Seo Corlay

wee - semalt

wee -

Seo service Bouyssounouse

Wee Wee. Pee Pee. - semalt

We locked Jess out of the house. she had to earn her way back inside. -

Seo Bersée

[WeeWeeDub] wee wee d.a.n.c.e - semalt

I made this just for the ending -

Marketing Azay-le-Brûlé


Recorded my 2 year old out of the blue. Just to capture his pureness.Maybe not the best choice of musicBut I just had to record. -

Marketing La Defense

wee - semalt

werr -

Marketing Lezant

WEE WOO WEE WOO! - semalt

Had to run out to the store today. On the way home, we saw an ambulance. YAY! -

Marketing Leadgate

SMTOWN Choki Choki Choki Waa waa - semalt


Marketing Killure


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Wee - semalt

Concierto de Graduación de la Carrera de Jazz del Conservatorio Manuel de FallaMariano Casanovas: bateríaNicolás Boccanera: pianoJuan Esteban Badenas: trompetaFede Kersner: saxo tenorPablo Sekine: bajo, composición y arreglos -

Seo Cirò

[HZRP] wee woo wee woo - semalt

yes i stole the style off drek lance -

Seo company Passariano

Hu Waa Waa Sound Effect - semalt

►Patreon https://www.patreon.com/SoundEffects Download Link http://audiograb.com/76VXz6WnSound Effects free for your projects a wide variety of sound effects for your enjoymentSubscribe For More Amazing Sound Effects https://www.youtube.com/c/seandehlerStay Connected:►Subscribe To My Second Channel Its Called Zelda Tunes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-G0...►Follow Me On Twitter https://twitter.com/fx_effects►Follow Me On Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/soundeffectsfx►Follow Me On Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+seandehler►Tip Jar All Tips Are Greatly Appreciated https://streamlabs.com/soundeffectsfx►Hit That Sub Button And Thanks For Watching My Website AudioGrip.com -

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Wee-Wee@KAJa!2014 - semalt

KAJa!2014Wee-Wee(立命館大学アカペラサークルSong-genics)Sound check(00:39)Up the Ladder to the roof(02:00)Slide(07:19)Pop(13:19) -

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Need a wee wee - semalt


Seo company San Vigilio

Cherokee - ooh wee wee - semalt

Produced by: Ron MohrhoffDirected by: Tim StoryTrip/RCA Records -

Seo Santa Venere-Portella

Funnymike small (Wee Wee) - semalt

From funnymike TJE Plz like and subscribe And go sub to the boyFunnymike Follow me on IG:https://www.instagram.com/rayofclutch/Funnymike IG:https://www.instagram.com/funnymike/And y'all please subscribe to me for the love👌 -

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Halkaan waxaa idiinku haya video gaaban oo ay sameyeen OYSU faraca Koonfur Afrika (South Africa). Video gani wuxuu qeexaya magaca dhulka ay hadda Ethiopia Gumeysato ee ay u dagalameyso xoreyntiisa Jabhadda Wadaniga Xoreynta Ogaden (JWXO/ONLF), astaamaha calankooda iyo cida iska leh dhulkaas. Hambalyo JWXO! -

Seo company Borgo Ampiano

wee - semalt

ancus on slide -

Promotion Finele

Funny Mike - SMALL WEE WEE!! - semalt


Seo company Cà Gruppi

" i hit my wee wee! " - semalt

If you need to, turn the volume up, so you can hear what she's saying, at the beginning of the video.I'm running in circles, to spin her around, when you see just the back of her head, if anybody's confused.Vandergriff Park.At the playground. -

Promotion Cascina Inglesina

pakaka rd. waa waa prop vid - semalt


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Ultras Re Del Mare - 06 Wee wee wee - semalt

• Page Facebook = http://Facebook.com/Ultras.ReDelMare2014 •• http://bit.ly/1mF3xOb : الكلمـــات + Mp3 لتحميــل الالبــوم •Listen to Album Ultras Re Del Mare - Les Paroles_____________________________________Ultras Re Del Mare - 01 walah nebghik ya L'olympic--------------------------------------------------Olé Olé Olé Olé LalyalalyalalalaaaaOlé Olé Olé Olé Lalyalalyalalalaaaa3am Jdid O Ra7 l'vide , Ya L'ocs 7obek Rah IzidManich w7id Ghandiro Yed fyed , Nchaj3ok wakha Ye7ma La7didHadi Sinin 3am 21 , t2assast Fer9atna La7bibaYa fer7anin Biha Meltazmin , Jabet le3az wel HibàUss fi 7obek Zadmin , Jdoudna huma li7kaw lina3al les couleurs wahna m7arbin , brou7 Nafdik Ya Zafinawallah Nebghik Yal Olympique , 3esh9ak fel Bal mayfra9nichmantkhalla 3lek wana 3ayesh gher lik , ya Kitkhasri mani khatiikeOlé Olé Olé Olé LalyalalyalalalaaaaOlé Olé Olé Olé Lalyalalyalalalaaaa________________________________________________________________________________Ultras Re Del Mare - 02 Ultras Arabi------------------------------------LaLaLaLa La La La La La LaaaaaLaLaLaLa La La La La La Laaaaa (x2)Ultras Arabi 7adra leyouma fel virage , Bi bach officiel toundarat les message3a9liya 7arbiya ya zahiya moura bach , 9adia 3adia a la fin men wra l'cageLaLaLaLa La La La La La LaaaaaLaLaLaLa La La La La La Laaaaa (x2)Wakha t9am3ouna Fen Ma Mchina Molok , Ultras 3a9liya tebnat 3la SoloukNtalbo 7oriya Mal9inahash fel Maroc , Anti 3onsriya O drapeaux dima LfougLa La La La La LaaaaLa La La La La LaaaaLa La La La La LaaaaLa La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaa__________________________________________________________________________________Ultras Re Del Mare - 03 Re Del Mare Mia Amor--------------------------------------------Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu , Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé DaléDalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu , Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé7abastouni o Drabtoni , Chof man 7ali Rebi l'3aliO 9ma3touni o thamtouni , o 3la L'ghaliya nerja3 tani (x2)Sma3ni ghangol ACAB , dayer Cagoul 7a9di f 3ayniO scusa Scusa Ya Yemma , Rebbi L'3alli li 3allem Bi (x2)Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu , Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé DaléDalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu , Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé7a9adtouni o karahtouni , w'3la lawanha Ba3adtouniO fla curva ra khna9touni , Re del mare Mia amoré (x2)Bouger Bouger ya raggazi , en face m3aya camera fixéo 3la Liberta ran Sacrifé , Mahma l7ogra ra n'résisté (x2)Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu , Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé DaléDalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu , Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé Dalé______________________________________________________________________________________Ultras Re Del Mare - 04 Wast Playa Bachina------------------------------------------La La La La La La La Laaaaaa (x3)Ohoo hoooo hooo hooo hooooooooWast Playa Bachina , Ch3alna les flammes Craquinakhoute o 3eshran Zhina , Redel Mare Siamo NoooooiMan koul 7oma Ra Jina , B'smaaak nti ZaffinaRfa3na Drapeau L'mdina , fideles a les couleuuuuursLa La La La La La La Laaaaaa (x3)Ohoo hoooo hooo hooo hooooooooB'sawt Asfi Ghanina o 3la lwanha Da7inaLes deux couleurs Li bghina Ol houuuuuuuuuulO Sacado f'ktafi , m3a Asfi Jamais N'lachiO fel Car rani mashi o NjouuuuuuuuuuuuulLa La La La La La La Laaaaaa (x3)Ohoo hoooo hooo hooo hoooooooo______________________________________________________________________________________Ultras Re Del Mare - 05 Bisoulok Na7no LmoloukLa La La La La La Laaaaaaaaa , Aliyaliyaliyouuuu ( x4 )Cha3el Les flammes Ghaber tiran - AliyaliyaliyouuuuMesfioui fidels 3ayach Jouwal - Aliyaliyaliyouuuu3adna Tarikhna man hada Zman - AliyaliyaliyouuuuUltras Molok Lachet L3adyan - AliyaliyaliyouuuuOu 3am Jded Asfi Dwat ya chouban , 7emra o Zer9a Jamais tensay Lel 3adyen7emra o zer9a Jamais tensay lil 3adyaneOhoohohooo , Ohoohoooo , ohooohoooo Re Del Mare Siamo Noi (x2)La La La La La La Laaaaaaaaa , Aliyaliyaliyouuuu ( x4 )Kolchi Kaychof Kolchi Kyagol - AliyaliyaliyouuuuVirage Zahi 90 D9i9a - AliyaliyaliyouuuuRe del MARE Public Mahbol - AliyaliyaliyouuuuChaque Partie ndiro La7ri9a - AliyaliyaliyouuuuBi solok Na7no lmolok waya Les Jeunes , fi deplacement dima Zaheen waya L'3ashranefi deplacement dima Zaheen waya L'3ashraneOhoohohooo , Ohoohoooo , ohooohoooo Re Del Mare Siamo Noi (x2)La La La La La La Laaaaaaaaa , Aliyaliyaliyouuuu ( x4 )_____________________________________________________________________________________Ultras Re Del Mare - 06 Wee Wee WeeLa La La La La La Laaaaaaa - Weee Wee Wee ( x4 )Re Del MARE Mia Amore - Weee Wee WeeHamra w'zer9a Je t'adore - Weee Wee Wee(x2)Chaque Semaines m3ak Njol - Weee Wee Weefil virage dayer Cashcool - Weee Wee Wee(x2)m3a l7atta dareb cagoul - Weee Wee Weebelwanha rani mahboul - Weee Wee Wee(x2)Dalé Dalé Dalé Daléyouuu - Weee Wee Wee (x4) -

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